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Reduce noise with the right windows 

Soundproofing is becoming ever more important in modern buildings. As many people live in inner cities or near busy roads, it is important to make sure that you are exposed to as little environmental noise as possible. Otherwise, this can cause stress and other health problems. Everyone perceives noise differently depending on the noises they are exposed to every day. But many people are prone to noise-related stress. In general, stress responses during sleep can occur from a continuous noise level upwards of 60 dB. And a person’s health may suffer from extended exposure to 80 dB or higher.


Human noise perception

Every person perceives noise differently. But one thing is certain: a continuous noise level of 60 decibels and upwards stimulates stress responses during sleep, and from 80 decibels, your health may begin to suffer. Here are some examples to demonstrate sound levels experienced from a distance of up to 10 metres.
10 dB: Breathing, rustling pages
50 dB: Storms, refrigerator noises
70 dB: Television, traffic noise
90 dB: Lorry, jackhammer
130 dB: Car race, fighter jet

Soundproof windows stop the noise at the front door

Windows are the parts of a building most susceptible to external noise pollution. Soundproof windows are therefore particularly important in inner-city locations or near airports, railway lines or major roads. They let you enjoy an urban living space and favourable transport connections with a pleasant noise level in the apartment or house, even in these kinds of locations. The GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster® was designed specifically for inner-city living. The name comes from the newly created residential area in the heart of Hamburg; the model provides soundproofing when the window is closed or even partly opened. The unique technology allows noise to be reduced by up to 63 dB when the window is closed. In a tilted position, the soundproofing can still absorb up to 34 dB. This enables a considerable reduction in outdoor noises together with natural ventilation. These features makes the GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster® the ideal model for inner-city apartments.

Soundproofing with modern ventilation systems

GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation systems achieve optimal sound insulation values. Regardless of which system you choose, the soundproofing effect of your external walls and windows stays at a consistently high level. Ventilation without allowing street and traffic noise to penetrate inside – a great advantage over opening windows. The active GEALAN-CAIRE® ventilation systems have powerful but quiet fans and sound-absorbing casings. This keeps noise outside and fresh air comes in as quietly as possible. You can enjoy the peace and quiet and sleep soundly and restfully.

Different sound insulation classes depending on the location of the building

Soundproof windows are available in different insulation classes. The optimal insulation class can be selected depending on how loud a building’s ambient noises are. Six sound insulation classes exist.

Windows that are more than 20 years old generally only have single glazing and therefore offer relatively little protection against ambient noise. In these cases, you should consider replacing the windows if you find the external noise to be too loud. Modern windows with soundproofing are designed with multiple glazing which keeps out a certain amount of external noise. The specific sound insulation classes required for a building depend on the ambient noise level as well as the distance of the house to the source of the noise. The sound insulation class of the windows should be adapted accordingly. In this case, it’s best to consult an expert to make sure that you select the optimal glazing. This is because excessive soundproofing is not just expensive, it can also lead to unwanted acoustics in the house. So, it is possible that noises inside the building may be perceived too directly, which can be unpleasant.
Sound insulation class Sound insulation level of the window Number of vehicles per hour Distance from the house to the street
1 25-29 dB 10-50 > 40m
2 30-34 dB 10-50 25m - 40m
3 35-39 dB 50-200 25m - 40m
4 40-44 dB 1.000 - 3.000 100m - 300m
5 45-49 dB 1.000 - 3.000 35m - 100m
6 > 50 dB > 3000 > 100m

Save money with funding from the KfW

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) development bank supports the construction of energy-saving buildings. If a building has good thermal insulation, the windows may also be subsidised with funding from the KfW, if they make a positive contribution to the energy efficiency of the building. If they have a U value of 0.95 or less, up to 10 per cent of the purchase price of the windows can be reimbursed. The U value is a measure of the thermal insulation of components of a building, such as the windows. But this funding does not just apply to thermal insulation. Many federal states also provide KfW funding for soundproof windows. This is particularly the case for houses located near airports, which are exposed to particularly high noise pollution. If your building is in this type of location, it can definitely be worthwhile contacting the KfW when carrying out refurbishments or for a new build.
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