GEALAN-KONTUR® now with aluminium facing shells


The premium profile system GEALAN-KONTUR® combines first-class structural engineering with top values in thermal insulation, burglary and noise protection. Its clear, linear design stands for modern window architecture. GEALAN is now expanding this design strength even further: From now on, GEALAN-KONTUR® is available with aluminium facing shells.

Metal finish multiplies the design options of the premium system

PVC and aluminium in combination - for fabricators, this means offering the best of both worlds and opening up a new market segment with specific buyer groups. For planners and builders, the elegant aluminium finish opens up a new world of colours, gloss levels and textures - for design without limits. 

GEALAN's newest premium profile system GEALAN-KONTUR®, fresh on the market since February 2023, is convincing not only in the PVC version, but also as a support system for various aluminium solutions. The aluminium facing shells are now available as classic aluminium clamping shells that are applied directly to the PVC profiles - either in a full-shell or a half-shell variant. The latter is of particular interest for the Austrian market; the high quality standards of ÖNORM B 5320 are met during assembly. GEALAN-KONTUR® with aluminium facing shells is available for all common installation situations: for windows, balcony and front doors and for lift-and-slide doors, both in new construction and renovation.

GEALAN-KONTUR® is easy to work with, even with the aluminium version: the processing of the aluminium facing shells fits into automated production lines with short throughput times. With special profile geometries and screw zones integrated into the profile walls, GEALAN-KONTUR® offers ideal conditions for the use of aluminium shells. The system is also optimised for modern manufacturing processes, where the aluminium shells can be clipped onto the loose bar before cutting and welding. In particular, GEALAN offers profiles with factory-fitted, weldable gaskets for all aluminium facing shells, even as replacement gaskets for the frame and glass stop - an enormous advantage for fabricators. The gaskets are available in black and grey. 


Matching accessories are available throughout the extensive range of aluminium shells.


Aluminium is a very hard, weather-resistant and low-maintenance material, which is recommended for use on the outside of windows thanks to its robustness. Another argument in favour of aluminium facing shells lies in the wealth of new designs that the material makes possible: powder-coated, it can cover an impressive range of RAL colours, special colours and metallic shades. 

For the extensive delivery programme of aluminium shells, there are matching accessories throughout. 

Aluminium is a very hard, weather-resistant and low-maintenance material that is recommended for use on the outside of windows thanks to its robustness. Another argument in favour of aluminium facing shells lies in the wealth of new designs that the material makes possible: powder-coated, it can cover an impressive range of RAL colours, special colours and metallic shades. The gloss level ranges from cool matt to discreet silk gloss to noble shine, the surface structures from smooth to fine-structured - fine structure achieves a slightly "sandy" surface that is particularly scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant. The design choice for builders and planners is almost limitless. The classic profile colours and the extensive range of foils for the inside of the window and the colour and surface designs for the outside, expanded with aluminium, bring countless new combination possibilities.  



Cooperation with aluminum specialist MKW

For GEALAN-KONTUR® in the aluminium version, GEALAN cooperates with the Austrian aluminium specialist “MKW Oberflächen + Draht GmbH”, which brings extensive know-how in metalworking, decades of experience and laboratory-tested quality. GEALAN partners purchase raw aluminium facing shells from GEALAN and either finish them themselves - or they contact MKW directly to realise their customers' desired powder coating. MKW stores a large part of the GEALAN aluminium clip system in its own high-bay warehouse and is thus able to meet a wide variety of requirements for colour, gloss level and surface structure on short notice for both small and large quantities. 

GEALAN offers a broad portfolio in aluminium: in addition to the new premium system GEALAN-KONTUR®, the 74-mm all-rounder GEALAN-LINEAR®, the all-glass system GEALAN-KUBUS® and the GEALAN system platform S 9000 are already available with aluminium facing sheets.

Soon also with GEALAN-acrylcolor®

As an alternative to aluminium, GEALAN-KONTUR® will soon be available with GEALAN-acrylcolor®. GEALAN's unsurpassed PMMA surface technology will complete the GEALAN-KONTUR® design world from 2024. Also scratch-resistant and weatherproof, GEALAN-acrylcolor® has been tried and tested for decades and offers a wide range of colours.

GEALAN's newest profile system combines function and performance with high design flexibility. GEALAN-KONTUR® - the new perfection.

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