The window goes digital

Anyone who wants to work effectively needs digital solutions – these have become an absolute must within the window industry as well. GEALAN offers digital tools and processes that support you as a window manufacturer in your daily work – and is constantly working on further future-oriented solutions. We implement digitalisation for you.

Focus on the window business of the future

GEALAN doesn’t just give windows a frame – we also support your window business of tomorrow.

Entering orders manually, maintaining master data, readjusting machinery: all tasks that you’re familiar with and that keep your away from your actual business – window construction and sales. Already today, daily business has become increasingly digital. On the one hand, it’s a great challenge – but digitalisation also offers great opportunities. As your system provider, GEALAN endeavours to take the load off you: because we have our own division for your digital solutions. Our digital toolbox contains software solutions for every step of the value chain in window construction. Together we offer our customers from the window and door industry an all-round package of digital solutions:

GEALAN also combines digitalisation with innovative products: Intelligent sensors control ventilation systems and deter burglars, can be integrated into smart home systems and operated via app, digital window chips manage relevant data for you - from the production of the profiles to the installation of the windows on the customer's premises.

We digitalise your processes

Use your working hours productively. We relieve you of unnecessary effort with our digital solutions. Whether for ordering or administrative tasks, planning or an overview of the latest product portfolios – GEALAN makes your daily work easier. 

Master data maintenance

Your product portfolio is constantly changing – profiles need to be added to your range in order to create new offers or to be able to work on projects. In addition, your window construction software also regularly offers new developments and functionalities. This is where staying on top of things is a real challenge. We can take care of it – so that you have time for your real business.

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Award-winning BIM data

GEALAN’s Building Information Modelling offering won over the jury at the 2020 and 2021 Architects’ Darling Award and was named Germany’s best construction industry solution. GEALAN’s BIM offer includes predefined window and door elements on the one hand and window and door elements that can be freely planned in terms of type and shape on the other, that you can access via our Planner software 2.0. Building and planning using BIM data enables a holistic approach to construction projects.

By “BIM modelling” a property, data is processed continually throughout a building’s entire life cycle. If a structural change is pending, it is immediately entered into the BIM models. This means that the updated BIM data is immediately available to all parties involved. In the event of design-related changes, you as a window manufacturer can react immediately and initiate the necessary steps in your production planning.

Detailed planning

GEALAN’s Planner software 2.0 not only provides certified planning security for every aspect of the window system. It also supplies a detailed overview of GEALAN’s product range, including all its variants, technical characteristics and special features. Thus, with the aid of this planning tool, a wide variety of window shapes can be created using your desired profile systems. Furthermore, additional profiles and window sill connections / frame extensions may be added. The software then checks your design for feasibility and keeps an eye on U-values, static values and maximum sizes.

We’re digitalising our products

Intelligent living is no longer a vision of the future, and digitalisation also plays a major role in house construction. Innovative window systems and window-related products not only provide end customers with convenient additional benefits. They also make it easier for manufacturers and distributors to sell their components with new, smart sales pitches.

Smart home

Smart home-enabled window solutions are the future. GEALAN’s smart ventilation solutions can thus be easily integrated into a building’s technology. This means that they can be conveniently controlled from anywhere with just a few clicks, or by voice control via an app.

Support is provided by Mediola, with whom GEALAN cooperates within the WORKS WITH mediola® network. This means: GEALAN-CAIRE® smart products can be networked using external sensors and a huge number of branded building, security and audio/video products.

Digital window chip

The window with a digital memory supports you, for instance, in documenting processes and communicating with your partners in the window and door sales area. To identify individual window and door elements, NFC chips are already installed in the element during production. These can later be read out via smartphone and tablet for further use.

“There’s always room for improvement”

GEALAN is a pioneer when it comes to supporting partners with digital tools for window and door planning. This has also included the BIM planning method since 2017. GEALAN’s Building Information Modelling has already won multiple awards, and the developers still see more potential. How about this: display prices and delivery times in real time during planning so you can keep an eye on these factors within the software? In future, all that should be possible. After all: “There’s always room for improvement.”

Here you can read the interview with Özkan Arslan, Head of Digital Planning at GEALAN, who explains the benefits and developments of the digital tools in the window industry.


Our experts support you

Digital processes and the digitalised building envelope are becoming the standard. Get support for your daily work from our experts: Sophisticated service concepts from GEALAN save you time and money; innovative systems add real value to your products.


We create the digital frame for your window business of the future.

We create the frame

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