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For over ten years, GEALAN has been stabilising window system and door elements using its STV® (static dry glazing) adhesive technology. This proven technology is not only reliable, but can also be employed at short notice. Using STV®, stable elements are even possible without reinforcement using expensive steel.

In the STV® technique developed by GEALAN, glass and sash profiles are joined using an adhesive tape specially designed for window system construction. By bonding the pane to the sash profile, the rigidity of the glass pane is transferred to the sash. The outcome: the entire system becomes more stable in itself.

GEALAN’s STV® adhesive technology has been in use since 2010 and has since proven itself in more than one million profile metres every year. STV® is thus a reliable adhesive technology that has been established as a standard for over ten years.

STV®’s major benefits:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be used in regular production processes at short notice
  • No additional machine technology necessary, thus no additional investment costs are incurred
  • Already used as standard in a wide range of GEALAN sash profiles (including S 9000)

The profiles are processed as usual. They are delivered already ready to use with the integrated adhesive tape. Cutting, welding, plastering and glazing can be carried out by making small adjustments to the requirements of the STV® technology. Time-consuming adjustment and readjustment work on window systems can be reduced to a minimum. In addition, element assembly is made considerably easier by the weight reduction with STV®-bonded elements without steel.

Particularly in times of exploding commodity prices, alternative solutions are in demand. With its STV® (static dry glazing) adhesive technology, GEALAN has a tried-and-tested solution on hand which, under certain conditions, can even be used to create stable window system and door elements without any steel at all.

When building normal-sized white elements (sashes with widths and heights of up to 1.50 m and balcony door casements with widths of up to 1.10 m / heights of up to 2.30 m), steel bracing can be completely dispensed with using STV® technology. A further benefit: this improves Uf values considerably (by up to 0.2 W/(m²K) depending on the profile combination).

STV® adhesive technology means GEALAN can thus offer window manufacturers a sophisticated system for efficient and economical window system production using bonded panes. That is not only tried and tested, but delivers stable solutions quickly and easily as well.

GEALAN’s STV® adhesive technology at a glance:​  


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