Energy-efficient living in a sophisticated ambience

Project detail

Object type

Residential building

Window system

S 8000


GEALAN-acrylcolor® DB 703


Pamplona / ES

Year of Construction


Window fabricator

Egoki S. L. / Navarra

Pamplona, the charming capital of the Navarre region of Spain, is known far beyond its borders for its historical significance on the Camino de Santiago and its lively cultural scene, which attracted scholars and pilgrims from Europe as early as the Middle Ages. Through Ernest Hemingway's novel "Fiesta", the exciting bull chase in the narrow streets of the historic center became famous worldwide.

In this city, which combines tradition and modernity, a new architectural highlight is now emerging: a 10-storey residential building that sets new standards for living and design with its luxury apartments. At the heart of this modern living culture are the GEALAN S 8000 window systems and lift-and-slide doors, which are kept in the elegant colour GEALAN-acrylcolor® DB 703. This colour scheme blends seamlessly into the façade design and creates a harmonious balance with the white elements and dark grey tones that characterise the building's external appearance.

The innovative window system plays a central role in the architect's energy-efficient concept and enables the residential complex to be integrated not only visually but also functionally as part of Pamplona's urban lifestyle. The new home will become not only a home, but also a symbol of progressive development in a city rich in history.

Photographer: Jörn Werner

Used products and innovations from GEALAN

S 8000

The development objective for this system with rebate gaskets and an installation depth of 74 mm was to create a cost-effective profile with optimum use of materials, for easier and more efficient fabrication by window manufacturers.
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Innovations GEALAN-acrylcolor®

A one-of-a-kind surface
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