We create the frame

GEALAN doesn’t just give windows a frame – with our profiles, we’re genuinely trendsetting in PVC window systems. And on top of that, we develop innovative solutions that offer all our partners and customers real added value. In our new GEALAN campaign, we show that the right frame holds the world together.

What would the world be without frames?

GEALAN manufactures PVC profiles from which your windows are made. Our profiles incorporate over fifty years of know-how – and loads of innovative technology.

But GEALAN has a whole lot more to offer: we always have our partners’ needs in mind and tailor-made solutions at the ready. Digital tools support planners, subcontractors and distributors. Servicing and further training support GEALAN customers in their daily work. Sustainable thinking and acting at GEALAN has been protecting the environment and resources for over 25 years.

We create the frame. 


Added value for everyone

High-quality PVC profiles are one thing. The trappings the other. GEALAN combines both: innovative products and systems meet reliable and uncomplicated planning, expert service and digital solutions. All from a single source. Leaving you to concentrate on the essentials: cutting-edge, technically sophisticated windows, doors and sliding systems.


What added value can we provide you with?

Systemic sustainability

Sustainability is more than a trend for us: GEALAN handles every resource with care. And we’ve been doing so for over 25 years.

Our PVC profiles already consist of a large proportion of recycled material. We rely on green electricity and efficient processes. Demonstrably, and in many areas as an industry pioneer.

GEALAN doesn’t just give windows a frame – we develop sustainable solutions that take tomorrow’s world into account today.

We create the framework that saves resources and protects the environment.

About the campaign

GEALAN is pretty impressive, we reckon! So let us show you. On the one hand our profiles, naturally. Here and now though, our colleagues, too, who’ll give you a very personal understanding of GEALAN’s added values:  


We want to authentically portray what GEALAN has to offer – that was important to us from the very beginning. From initial ideas, specific content was jointly developed: whether commercials, photos or texts – everything contains 100% GEALAN.


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The GEALAN ACADEMY offers market-oriented seminars on topics like construction law, sales and window technology.

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