High-quality windows are a must!

Windows are an important part of every house. But we often underestimate just how important choosing the right window is, and how much energy can be saved. High-quality windows not only provide light and a sense of well-being in the home, they also play a major role in energy consumption, soundproofing as well as a home’s security.

Light, quiet, save energy

Cutting-edge PVC windows made from GEALAN profiles for a better quality of life

Regardless of whether you’re building a new house or renovating an existing building, your window choice makes a huge difference. GEALAN develops and manufactures PVC profiles from which high-quality windows are made. As a specialist, we offer cutting-edge solutions in a variety of designs and with high-quality technical equipment. Why new PVC windows made from GEALAN profiles?

  • Energy consumption: Old or poorly insulated models lose a relatively large amount of heat meaning that the heating costs with these kinds of windows are higher than with new and high-quality models.
  • Sound insulation: A high level of noise pollution can quickly lead to stress and other health problems. This often leads to sleep disorders as well. The right window with appropriate sound insulation can be particularly beneficial to your general health and wellbeing in buildings near busy roads or in inner cities.
  • Burglary protection: Old windows are generally much less secure, as they are easier to open by potential burglars. This security aspect should thus also be considered in the planning when choosing windows.

A practical alternative are windows featuring integrated ventilation. These use specialised technology to ensure that an automatic exchange between indoor air and outdoor air can take place without having to ventilate manually and losing heat. On the one hand, optimised ventilation improves the indoor climate. It also prevents the formation of mould in buildings.

For those who like it individual in a visual sense: colourful windows give your house a new look. This allows you to add your own personal touch and match the colour of your windows to the front door or facade, for instance.

The whole package makes the difference: ask your window dealer about windows made from GEALAN profiles.

Because we create the high-quality frame for your building project!

Why PVC windows?

PVC is the most commonly used material for window profiles in Germany. PVC window profiles were developed in the 1960s. In the following decades, the PVC model was increasingly used for both new buildings and renovations. The reason for this are the numerous advantages that PVC windows have.


The right surface

The windows should match the colour of the facade and the interior – and above all be weatherproof, scratch-resistant and thus durable.

GEALAN can accommodate all of this: regardless of whether you want to rely on GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface technology or design your PVC windows with foils in a wood look, for instance: you have countless options at your disposal.

Extremely robust and hard-wearing

For more than 40 years, GEALAN has been using and constantly refining its GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface technology. The coloured acrylic layer, inseparably bonded to the base body, is twice as hard as the PVC surface of white windows. It is highly scratch-resistant and resistant to weathering as well.

Its semi-matt, smooth and homogenous surface is also impervious to dust and dirt deposits. There is no flaking or chipping and no laborious repainting is required. Windows protected with GEALAN-acrylcolor® technology are virtually maintenance-free and particularly easy to clean.

Colourful variety through decorative foils

GEALAN brings colour to your windows: a comprehensive range of decorative foils makes almost all design aspirations possible.

  1. Contemporary – and currently in vogue – are matte decors. They not only catch the eye with their classy look – matt decorative foils also feel remarkably high-quality. The impression matt decorative foils make is achieved by a special embossing process.
  2. Those who prefer PVC windows with a high-quality wood look will find what they’re looking for in the RealWood premium version. An attractive embossing gives PVC windows featuring RealWood foils the natural look of wood, though these foils aren’t made of wood. And: their surface also feels more clearly like real wood in a tactile sense than conventional wood decor foils. RealWood foils are available in ten attractive colour shades.
  3. Particularly eye-catching windows are possible with trendy decor foils in metallic looks. Here, too, GEALAN offers an attractive range of colours.

The design trend towards straight lines

You leave out everything that’s unnecessary. Simple and beautiful is modern, and clear-cut edges and straight lines are contemporary and timeless at the same time. Its minimalist look – owing to narrow or almost invisible profiles – suits universally: whether a new build or renovation – the GEALAN-KUBUS® and GEALAN-LINEAR® profile systems perfectly pick up on the trends of modern architecture.



Simply beautiful windows – that’s what our GEALAN-KUBUS® all-glass system stands for. This system defines a new design vocabulary for PVC windows in architecture. Thanks to large glass surfaces, more light and transparency open up new design possibilities.

Indoors, the new system convinces with a flush-fitting look free of gaps. On the outside, the 90° overlap makes for an overall harmonious appearance. Or preferably invisible? Concealed profiles make windows featuring GEALAN-KUBUS® appear almost frameless.


Often it’s the simplicity of things that we find particularly pleasant. That’s why we’re fascinated by modern architecture with straight lines. GEALAN-LINEAR®, with its shallow construction depth, expresses precisely that – a window profile as strikingly clear-cut, angular and linear as contemporary window design can be. GEALAN-LINEAR® stands for simple beauty.

This design has a role: GEALAN-LINEAR® takes a step back and increases each window’s glass area to a maximum. It brings more light into interior spaces. Daylight is essential for our well-being and intelligent lighting is a key component of good architecture – GEALAN-LINEAR® provides a foundation for both.


Convenient solutions for every renovation

You’re thinking of changing your windows? Or you’re wanting to retrofit a space-saving sliding solution in an old building? Here, too, GEALAN has systems to offer that are particularly suitable for renovations.


S 9000 system

In addition to the above-mentioned all-rounder GEALAN-LINEAR®, the extremely versatile S 9000 system can also come up with certain renovation variants. Specially designed frames with legs are available for both systems. These simply cover over old window frames in the masonry when the new windows are installed. No noise, no dirt due to the time-consuming removal of bricked-in frames – it could hardly be more straightforward.  Ask your specialist dealer about PVC windows from the GEALAN S 9000 system.


Living space is precious and thus should be utilised in an optimal fashion. GEALAN-SMOOVIO® combines the space-saving comfort of sliding solutions with extraordinary impermeability. And: GEALAN-SMOOVIO® is optimally suited for renovations due to its low construction depth. Why? Its narrow sliding system still finds enough space for anchoring even in the less deep walls of older buildings.


Our product highlights in a video

Regardless of whether you’re looking for cutting-edge window systems, high-quality sliding solutions, robust and chic surfaces, smart ventilation systems or retrofittable burglary protection: GEALAN has something suitable for you!

You’d like to experience our GEALAN solutions and their benefits even more tangibly? Then follow us to GEALAN Smart City – there we’ve collected selected product highlights and present them to you in a video with all the details worth knowing.


The creative minds behind our products

What would the world be without the people behind GEALAN frames?

Our products are more than just lots of GEALAN expertise from a wide range of fields – our product management is constantly developing new solutions in collaboration with our customers. The objective: Being able to offer you just the right products with our profiles that meet your demands for modern, secure and optimally insulated windows, doors and sliding solutions.

From experience, we know that design is a very important matter when it comes to windows and doors – so we always keep an eye on what you really want: Modern facades with clear, angular windows and doors in trendy colours. Windows with slim sight lines and lots of glass for plenty of daylight indoors. Practical sliding solutions that not only offer large glass surfaces leading to your balcony and terrace, but that are also space-saving thanks to their sliding motion. And we develop matching system solutions that make exactly these windows possible for you.

We have recently been seeing growing demand for metallic colours. We can offer these with our surface technology GEALAN-acrylcolor® for example – available in the GEALAN-KUBUS® system or our proven combined system S 9000. Windows with GEALAN-acrylcolor® have been meeting technical and functional demands for innovative, coloured surfaces for more than 40 years. We at GEALAN continue to invest in our successful technology. For us, it’s important to have a good feel for colour trends and to keep developing new colour innovations. Our proven surface is always up-to-date in terms of architectural trends.

You expect more of your windows? We’ve got that in mind too: Smart ventilation solutions that integrate with your home technology, that are controlled by app and that save energy by complementing your manual ventilation. Or retrofittable burglary protection that can easily be integrated in the window and that is ready for use without the need for additional electricity – GEALAN has all of this in mind for you.

Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us!

We create the right frame for your needs.

Your GEALAN Product Management


We keep our finger on the pulse of the time for you:

GEALAN product management always has the perfect solutions in mind with you and for you:  André Wünsche (Division Manager for Product Management), Andreas Linke (Group Manager for Product Management/GEALAN ACADEMY), Michael Militzer (Group Manager for Innovation/Electronics), Frank Ganick (Product Manager), Johannes Korthals (Product Manager), Martin Lutz (Head of GEALAN ACADEMY), Franziska Rauch (Clerk Product Management Innovation/Electronics), Sabine Stelzel (Clerk Product Management).

We create the frame

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