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The demands that vinyl window profiles have to meet have increased substantially in recent years: better heat insulation, better anti-burglary protection, better soundproofing, better statics and greater visual sophistication. Only modern window systems that fit this bill will succeed in the market – and with them their fabricators, our customers.

Product innovations like STV® static dry glazing, IKD® intensive core insulation, the GECCO automatic ventilation system and the acrylcolor coloured profile system are proof of what GEALAN is capable of and give fabricators of GEALAN profile systems a decisive competitive edge.

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GEALAN sets new milestone for climate protection

GEALAN pushes its commitment to climate protection: effective immediately, the administration at the headquarters in Oberkotzau and the manufacturing facility in Tanna, Thuringia, will be completely powered by renewable energy. This means that GEALAN covers 100% of its electricity needs at both locations with energy that comes 100% from wind, sun, water, biomass and geothermal energy. The complete conversion has been certified by E.ON Deutschland GmbH.

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The GEALAN ACADEMY offers window manufacturers throughout Germany interesting specialist seminars on topics related to windows as well as on-site marketing support.

Find out about the GEALAN ACADEMY's current programme of seminars by downloading the current seminar schedule.

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Windows as part of a façade are an expression of style and quality of life. Their emotionality factor plays an important role. Visual elegance for an appealing living ambiance is as important as cost of fabrication and technical aspects like heat and sound insulation and anti-burglary protection.

Careers at GEALAN

At GEALAN, highly motivated, well trained and business-minded employees are the key to success. For us, a modern personnel policy consists of innovative personnel management tools, opportunities for employees to act on their own responsibility and the provision of modern workplaces.

We therefore offer a motivating working environment that promotes excellence and create the kind of working atmosphere that employees need to give their best performance.

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