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Where can I buy this ventilator? At a GEALAN partner / window manufacturer: Find a window manufacturer
Can the ventilation system generate supply air for permanent exhaust air in the bathroom (in windowless bathrooms)? No, there is a continuous exchange of stale air and fresh air. A pure absorption of fresh air is currently not (yet) possible.
How much does a GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system cost? The price depends on the ventilator version installed and the window size. To find out, please contact a GEALAN partner and get a quote.
What should I bear in mind when operating the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart in combination with an extractor hood? The supply air required for the extractor hood must be planned and ensured separately. Here, the ventilation system behaves neutrally and cannot be used to provide supply air.
Can I retrofit my ventilator in an existing window system? No, retrofitting isn’t possible. GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation systems can only be installed in conjunction with a new window system.
What subsidies are available for the installation of a GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system (Development Loan Corporation (KfW) etc.)? There are subsidy schemes available from the KfW Bank. These include, for instance: KfW subsidy scheme no. 153 “Energy-efficient construction” and subsidy scheme no. 430 “Energy-efficient refurbishment”
How many ventilators are required for an average flat (60 m²) / house (140 m²)? The required air volume depends on a number of factors (building location, thermal insulation standard, occupancy, etc.) and can be seen in the ventilation plan.
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What should be considered when using the ventilation system in combination with fireplaces, open fireplaces and tiled stoves? Regulations in this regard can be found in the fireplace ordinances of the federal states. In Bavaria, for example, the following is stated:

(2) 1 The operational safety of room-air dependent fireplaces must not be impaired by the operation of room air extracting systems such as ventilation or forced air heating systems, extractor hoods and exhaust air tumble dryers.
2 This is deemed to be fulfilled if
1. the simultaneous operation of fireplaces and air extraction systems is prevented by means of safety devices,
2. exhaust gas discharge is monitored by means of special safety devices,
3. the fireplaces’ exhaust gases are discharged via air extraction systems or
4. it is ensured by the system that no dangerous underpressure can arise during fireplace operation.

Underpressure can only be created by the ventilation unit in frost protection mode. To comply with the Ordinance on Firing Installations (FeuVo), a 4 Pascal measurement must be carried out in this case e.g. by the chimney sweep. The ventilator must not create an underpressure of more than 4 Pascal in the room it is used. If the ventilator generates a higher underpressure, countermeasures must be taken.

This can be done, for example, by means of an air pressure monitor. The air pressure monitor prevents a connected unit from continuing to operate if the air pressure in a living space drops by more than 4Pa compared to the outside pressure. The unit is automatically switched off and switched on again as soon as the pressure has equalised.

Another option is the use of additional window rebate ventilators such as e.g. GEALAN-CAIRE® flex.


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How much heat is recovered?

How high are the sound and thermal insulation values?

How high are the acoustic sound values?
You will find answers to these questions in the technical data sheet
Is it possible to time the ventilation system? Currently this is only possible after integrating the ventilation system into a Smart Home system.
How can I integrate my ventilator into an existing Smart Home system? Currently this is only possible in conjunction with the Mediola Gateway and the Mediola IQONTROL Neo app.
Does this ventilation system help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria? Viruses themselves are not filtered by the ventilation system, and bacteria only partially. However, the constant exchange of air reduces the concentration of infectious particles in the air. GEALAN-CAIRE® smart contributes to improved air hygiene:
  1. Pollutants are extracted from the room air by the ventilator (e.g. CO2, VOC, etc.)
  2. Fresh air is blown into the room (cleaned of pollen, optionally fine dust and the like by built-in filters).
  3. Due to separate air ducts, there is no mixing of indoor air, which is rich in pollutants, with the purified outdoor air
  4. The continuous air extraction ensures that particles that have been filtered out cannot be blown back into the interior.
What sensors does the ventilator have and what values does it measure? The ventilator has sensors for temperature and humidity. It measures the room temperature and relative room humidity as well as the outdoor temperature and relative outdoor humidity.
Question Answer
What is the ventilator’s behaviour like at permanently low temperatures in the room or permanently low supply air temperatures? The ventilator unit checks at 60-minute intervals whether the supply air temperature is above the set threshold. If this is the case, the ventilator returns to NORMAL MODE.

If this is not the case, the ventilator continues to deliver an air volume flow of 4m3/h from the room side to the outside. According to the certified test centre for frost protection, this is a required procedure to prevent damage to the heat exchanger.

The unit does not switch off completely at any time in frost protection mode. If the outside air and room air are permanently low, no water condensation occurs and thus no risk of icing.
Can the ventilation unit be operated permanently at level 5?

Continuous runtime of the unit at level 5 is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes, whereby this “60-minute pool” regenerates while the unit is operated at a lower level.

Example: The ventilation unit is operated at level 5 for 30 minutes and could be operated at level 5 for another 30 minutes.

If it is now set to a lower level (level 1–4) and runs in this mode for 15 minutes, the “60-minute pool” of level 5 has regenerated by 15 minutes again. As a consequence, after these 15 minutes, it could be switched back to level 5 for 45 minutes.

However, if the ventilation unit is operated at a lower level for a further 15 minutes, the “60-minute pool” has regenerated completely and the unit could be operated again for 60 minutes at level 5 at any time.

What is controlled in automatic mode?

In automatic mode, the ventilation unit tries to keep the relative room humidity at a value between 40 and 60%.

If the relative room humidity is in the aforementioned range, the unit automatically switches to level 2. It remains there until the relative room humidity changes and is below 40% or above 60%.

If the relative room humidity is below 40%, the unit checks the relative humidity of the supply air.

If this is above 40% (converted to the current room temperature), the unit increases the air supply in order to increase
the relative room humidity in the room. If the relative room humidity reaches a value of over 40%, the unit automatically switches back to level 2.

If the relative room humidity is below 40% and the relative humidity (converted to room temperature) of the supply air is also below 40%, the unit automatically switches to level 1. This minimises any further drop in room humidity.

If the relative room humidity is above 60% and the relative humidity (converted to room temperature) of
the supply air is also above 60%, the unit automatically switches to level 1 to minimise any further increase in room humidity.

If the relative room humidity is above 60% and the relative humidity (converted to room temperature) of the supply air is below 60%, the unit automatically switches to level 3 or 4 to in this way dehumidify the room.

If the relative room humidity is above 85% and that of the supply air converted to room temperature is below, the
ventilation unit switches to level 4 or 5 (if available due to the runtime limitation) to dehumidify the room.

If the relative humidity in the room reaches a value below 60%, the unit will automatically switch back to level 2.

Service & support


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Who provides support in the event of a malfunction of the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system?

Support enquiries should be directed to the respective trade partner (window manufacturer / dealer).

How do I connect my ventilator with the GEALAN app?

  1. Download the GEALAN Home app
  2. Start the app
  3. Follow the instructions in the app

How can I integrate my ventilator into an existing WiFi network?

  1. Download the GEALAN Home app
  2. Start the app
  3. Follow the instructions in the app

How long do the filters last?

The filters should be changed roughly once a year. In the case of poor outdoor air conditions (e.g. high pollen load / high fine dust load), more often if necessary.

How can I change the filters?

See operating instructions

Can the filters be purchased directly from GEALAN?

Replacement filters for the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart can be purchased from GEALAN partners / window manufacturers .

Can the ventilation system freeze?

No, a frost protection mode is integrated in the system for this purpose.

As long as the system is not permanently switched off, it cannot freeze.

How much maintenance is required for a GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system?

The filter of the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart must be changed once a year.

Who provides support in the event of faults in the Smart Home system with which the GEALAN-CAIRE® smart ventilation system is connected?

The Smart Home system’s manufacturer will provide support.


Question Answer

How long is it guaranteed for?

There is no guarantee, only a warranty.

The warranty complies with the statutory provisions (2 years).

Can a cover cap be reordered if required?

Yes – the caps can be reordered as a set (2 pieces each) (Art 5421 ..). Please contact your trade partner (dealer, window manufacturer)

Can fly screens be reordered if required?

Yes – fly screens can be reordered as a set (2 pieces each) (Art 5444 ..). Please contact your trade partner (dealer, window manufacturer)

Can manual operation be switched off (e.g. assisted living)?

No, the operating sensor on the ventilator unit itself cannot be deactivated.

Deactivation is only possible for an external button.

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